Digital onboarding: The ultimate guide to success 

Download the e-book and get our 5 concrete tips to automate the onboarding of new employees.


Onboarding is the start of every new employee's journey in - and with - a company. And that beginning is important. Successful employees, who are valuable assets to their workplace, are created by well-functioning onboarding processes. 

The best way to optimize your processes is to automate your preboarding, onboarding, reboarding and offboarding. In fact, it results in a 16% higher retention rate for new hires. 

But how do you get started automating your onboarding processes? We've written an e-book about it! 

Key takeaways 

Download the e-book "How to Succeed with Digital Onboarding" and get:

  • More knowledge about the benefits of automated processes. 
  • Insights on how to retain new employees and increase their productivity. 
  • The ultimate digital onboarding checklist.
  • The 5 concrete tips to turn your manual workflows into automated flows – from preboarding to offboarding.