Why an efficient SAP authorization concept is necessary

Our latest whitepaper covers the comprehensive topic of authorization management and what ways there are to make it efficient. 


Authorization concepts are imperative in today's world. In the SAP landscape, there are, apart from some special features, also different ways to build and design an authorization concept. This Whitepaper outlines these approaches and attempts to highlight the importance and benefits of these approaches. 

The most important in short: 

Our latest whitepaper deals with the comprehensive topic of authorization management and the ways in which it can be designed efficiently. In addition, we focus on the authorization concept of the future, highlighting what will be important when it comes to authorization issues in the future. At the end of the reading you will know more about:

  • The importance and benefits of authorization concepts
  • Different ways to build an authorization concept
  • What does a switch to S/4HANA mean?
  • Authorization concepts in the future