HR in the digital driver’s seat

Download our business case and get 7 strong arguments for why HR should be in charge of digital access management.


More than ever before, HR has a seat at the table when it comes to selecting new IT purchases. And it makes sense. Because the HR department is best positioned to assess which employees should have access to which IT systems and applications. Precisely because it is about something as central as supporting employee productivity by ensuring that they can access the IT resources and data they need.

In 2019, SIVIS conducted a survey among HR managers and HR professionals in Danish companies and organizations. The survey focused on how they handle employees' digital access. Including how digital on- and offboarding processes are tackled, and how companies typically ensure that newly hired employees quickly get the digital access they need to perform.

Key takeaways

The survey has given us unique insights into the dominant trends in digital onboarding and what concerns plagues HR departments. These insights have been transformed into this business case, which provides you with:

  • The trends that are occupying HR departments right now.
  • Insights into the biggest challenges Danish HR professionals face when it comes to onboarding and digitally managing employees.
  • The seven strongest arguments why HR should own digital access management.
  • A model for how HR and IT's collaboration on employee administration can become significantly easier.

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