The changing role of the CFO: From financial gatekeeper to digital frontrunner

Gain better control over the digitalization of your business. The CFO brief gives you the insights and recommendations to successfully navigate digitalization projects and drive bottom-line growth. Download the brief today.


70% of CFOs say they will increase their organization's investment in information technology. Digitalization is a top priority for financial leaders today, and in many companies, the CFO has become a key digital decision-maker and the driving force behind the organization's digital transformation.

 Key Takeaways

In this brief, we will explore how finance leader can achieve the overview that makes a difference to the bottom line and creates the best conditions for the continued digitization of the organization. You can look forward to:

  • Insights into the key challenges faced by digitally oriented CFOs.
  • A guide on how to leverage technology to maintain visibility and control during a digital transformation.
  • Our key recommendations for successfully navigating digitalization projects as a CFO.


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